Celebrating Outstanding Lifetime Achievement and Inspiring Lives


On behalf of the Kyoto Symposium Organization, welcome to the sixteenth annual Kyoto Prize Symposium.  Once again, San Diego has the exclusive honor of presenting the Kyoto Prize laureates and their lifetime achievements to a North American audience.

The Kyoto Prize Symposium illuminates the ideology of the Inamori Foundation.  The 32nd Kyoto Prize laureates – Dr. Takeo Kanade, Dr. Tasuku Honjo, and Dr. Martha Nussbaum – are outstanding examples of what human beings can accomplish with new ideas and the desire to make the world a better place.  We pay tribute to the Inamori Foundation for recognizing 102 extraordinary individuals over the years who have made tremendous contributions to society through technology, science and the arts.

The Inamori Foundation chose San Diego to be the home of this important event.  To the Foundation and to those who have given of their time and resources – our sponsors, our academic institutions, our community leaders, and all volunteers – we extend our deep gratitude and the gratitude of the community.

We especially wish to thank Dr. Kazuo Inamori, without whom there would be no Kyoto Prize.  Although he officially retired from business in 1997, Dr. Inamori was nonetheless named “Japan’s Best Business Leader of 2012” for his volunteer efforts in leading the remarkable turnaround of Japan Airlines.  His business and philanthropic leadership, which embody his inspirational philosophy, is widely recognized and appreciated.  Dr. Inamori, we thank you for your lifetime of work for the betterment of humankind.





David C. Doyle

Kyoto Symposium Organization