Nobel Prize awarded to Kyoto Prize Laureate


Just 18 months after his visit to San Diego for the Kyoto Prize Symposium, Shinya Yamanaka has become the 7th scientist to win both the Kyoto Prize and the Nobel Prize. Dr. Yamanaka, the recipient of the 2010 Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology, was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine on October 8. “The Kyoto Symposium Organization and the San Diego community offer our sincere congratulations to Dr. Yamanaka on receiving the Nobel Prize,” said David C. Doyle, Chair of the Kyoto Symposium Organization Board of Directors. “His brilliant lecture on his pioneering work in stem cell technology was one of the high points of our 2011 Kyoto Prize Symposium. His personal warmth and generosity of spirit will be long remembered by us all and especially by the students who interacted with him.”


Kyoto Prize and Nobel Overlap

Jack Kilby (Kyoto 1993, Nobel 2000)

Zhores Alferov (Nobel 2000, Kyoto 2001)

Kurt Wuthrich (Kyoto 1998, Nobel 2002)

Sydney Brenner (Kyoto 1990, Nobel 2002)

Paul Lauterbur (Kyoto 1994, Nobel 2003)

Mario Capecchi (Kyoto 1996, Nobel 2007)


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